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Welcome to the BIRTH CERTIFICATE Registry.
Birth Certificate Registry is the official all in one web based Computer registry. 

Copy Of Birth Certificate

Print and mail your birth certificate request instantly!

Government Issued Birth Certificates

Our service provides you with instant access to our customer center, which includes the direct link to the forms you need to order your certified birth certificate. These are the official forms needed to request certified birth certificates from your state's vital records office.

Certified Legal Birth Certificates
The birth certificate you receive will be official certified documents. They will have a state certified raised seal and will be valid for all legal purposes.

Complete Access to the Forms You Need
Get instant access to the forms you need to order your birth certificate. Simply download, complete and mail the forms to the address specified.

Save Time and Money
No fumbling around your state's website, bouncing from page to page, trying to figure out where to go. We take you exactly where you need to be to order your birth certificate.

Get Started Now. It's Fast & Easy!

Don't waste your time getting lost on your state's website. Now You can link through our system to obtain the forms you need and receive a certified copy of your birth certificate quickly.

(state's processing times vary)
Order your birth certificate from the privacy of your home. We have all of the forms you need in our download area. Just print and mail!


Instant Processing time

Ordering takes a matter of minutes through our online form submission processing, 256 bit encrypted SSL secure server.